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The Virginia SSN Chapter was launched in 2021 to create a community of scholars to inform policymakers and journalists about research that can be applied to public discourse and policy decisions.  We work with scholars from higher education institutions across Virginia and believe that a more informed citizenry and more informed policy making improves policy outcomes for our communities and our state. 

  • Democracy & Governance
James Madison University
  • Democracy & Governance
  • Education
Bridgewater College
  • Criminal Justice
  • Media & Public Opinion
Radford University
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Public Health
  • Media & Public Opinion
George Mason University
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Democracy & Governance
  • Colleges & Universities
Mary Baldwin University
  • Democracy & Governance
University of Virginia
  • Criminal Justice
  • Law & Courts
George Mason University

Latest Contributions

Constitution Day and a Reflection on Voting Rights

  • Bobbi Gentry

Another Big "Terrorism" Bill is Not the Answer

    Wesley S. McCann

Teacher Stress and Burnout in Urban Middle Schools

  • Jessika Bottiani

The Social Saftey Net Was Broken Before the Pandemic

  • Christopher Howard

Latest In The News

"Build Back Better Helps Affordable Housing," Christopher Howard, Richmond Times Dispatch, December 11, 2021.
Benjamin T. Blankenship quoted by Beth McMurtrie The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 5, 2020.
Guest to discuss Episode 36: Election Emotions & What We Can Do About Them on Democracy Matters/James Madison University, Benjamin T. Blankenship, October 9, 2020.
"Congress Needs to Fix Plenty of Things, but Not the Supreme Court," Mark Rush, Opinion, The Fulcrum, September 29, 2020.
"Congress – Not the Supreme Court – Is the Problem," Mark Rush, Mark Rush Column, The New York Times, September 29, 2020.

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