Case Report: Election Special Edition - September 24, 2020

Associate Director of Communications and Producer, No Jargon

The 2020 election is just 40 days away. In our second election edition of Case Report, SSN members weigh in on some of the many complex issues at play this November. And for faculty interested in getting more involved, we highlight a webinar happening tonight focused on student voting.

If you have suggestions for these special editions of Case Report, please touch base with your thoughts - I'd love to hear from you. As always, SSN does not take policy positions and does not align with any candidate or party, but we do welcome the expression of views by our members.

6 ways mail-in ballots are protected from fraud

The security of mail-in votes is a source of particular interest and concern amidst the pandemic, but built-in safeguards make it challenging for one person to vote fraudulently, let alone for voter fraud to be committed at a large scale, show political scientist Jacob Grumbach and PhD candidate Charlotte Hill in this opinion piece. [The Conversation]

The Republican Party is an authoritarian outlier

In light of the Republican Party’s move to fill the now vacant Supreme Court seat, political scientist Jennifer McCoy contends that many of the GOP’s anti-democratic measures in recent decades follow common patterns seen among populist authoritarians who aim to entrench their power and marginalize or control “accountability institutions” like the judiciary. [Vox]

Florida doesn’t need open primaries. Vote No on Amendment 3

Florida chapter leader Elizabeth Strom partnered with local activist Susan Smith for this opinion piece urging Florida voters to reject Amendment 3, arguing that the free-for-all primary it would create will make the electoral system less, not more, responsive. [Miami Herald]

What Do Young Black Women Want From This Election?

With Black women a consistently powerful and reliable Democratic voting bloc, political scientist Christina Greer unpacks what motivates this demographic to over-perform at the ballot box, especially in this crucial election year. [The Nation]

Faculty Organizing in the Digital Age

SSN’s Faculty Network for Student Voting is hosting a webinar tonight (9/24) at 4:30pm ET. Learn how faculty can elevate their voter education efforts by working with student groups, utilizing online tools, and prioritizing follow-through. The webinar will feature Associate Professor Allison Rank of SUNY Oswego and Political Director Dan Xie of Student PIRGs. [Register here]