Case Report - July 23, 2020

Associate Director of Communications and Producer, No Jargon

You're reading Case Report, a digest of our expert network's best research, analysis, and policy recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on America’s economy. Workers are facing sky high unemployment rates and state and local governments are struggling to maintain public services amidst falling revenues. In this Case Report, our expert network explores how political and business leaders can address our nation’s economic woes.

The economy is awful. It’ll get worse if states have to slash and burn

Boston Globe columnist Larry Edelman highlights a recent letter signed by over 130 economic policy experts calling on the federal government to provide significant aid to state and local governments. The letter was co-written by several SSN members, including economist Alicia Sasser Modestino, who is quoted in the column: “If you wanted to get aid to where it’s needed most, then you should be providing it to state governments and letting them make the decisions.” [Boston Globe]

The Pasadena City Council Should Require Hotels To Be Responsible Employers

Urban policy analyst Peter Dreier writes in this opinion piece with economist Mark Maier that city governments like Pasadena should pass legislation to set fair rules by which hotels will rehire workers when they start to fill their positions. [Pasadena Now]

Too little too late: The story of how Florida shattered the country's single-day COVID record

Economist Jonathan Gruber explains how expanding Medicaid to more Americans would not only provide needed resources for the health care system, but also inject federal funding into state economies struggling during COVID-19. [ABC News]

How the 99% can force the 1% to defeat COVID-19

In this opinion piece, sociologist Michael Schwartz and historian Kevin Youngshow how employees, consumers, and renters can push business owners to use their political clout to demand a robust public health response from our political leaders. [Salon]