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The public health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have long been apparent, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that this crisis impacts nearly every facet of life in America. From access to abortion to affordable housing, our researchers shed light on some of the many, disparate issues emerging alongside this health crisis. 

An abortion ban? Now, of all times? Iowa Republican lawmakers are showing they don't value life

This opinion piece from reproductive health history and rhetoric researchers Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz and Lina-Maria Murillo lays out how attempts to ban abortion in Iowa amidst the pandemic will disproportionately affect some of the state’s most vulnerable residents. [Des Moines Register]

The South Has Some Of The Nation’s Dirtiest Electricity. Now It’s Seeing A COVID-19 Uptick.

As Southern states see an uptick in coronavirus cases, residents face an increased risk of dying from COVID-19 due to the region’s continued use of aging coal plants, according to a new report co-authored by political scientist Leah Stokes. [HuffPost]

California needs to protect its prison staff and inmates during COVID-19 pandemic

Criminologists Naomi Sugie and Keramet Reiter are joined by sociologist Kristin Turney in this opinion piece to show how prisons are uniquely vulnerable to outbreaks of coronavirus and why prison staff must be treated as frontline workers to help stop the spread of disease. [CALmatters]

Housing hardships reach unprecedented heights during the COVID-19 pandemic

In this piece for Brookings, sociologist Hedwig Lee and others unpack new research from the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis, which finds widespread housing hardship during the pandemic, particularly among Hispanic/Latinx populations. [Brookings]

Black people are in no rush to re-open economy despite financial hits

Black Americans are facing economic hardships during the pandemic, but are still more likely to prioritize their health over their wallets, write political scientists Brooke Abrams and Ray Block, Jr. in this opinion piece based on a recent study conducted by the African American Research Collaborative. [The Grio]