Case Report Week of April 20, 2020

Associate Director of Digital Strategy

You're reading Case Report, a weekly digest of our expert network's best research, analysis, and policy recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our issue this week dives into how the pandemic has exposed deep structural flaws in our societal systems - and offers solutions for change.

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The legacy of the pandemic: 11 ways it will change the way we live

Political scientist and Scholars Strategy Network board member Jamila Michener closes out this long form Vox piece by identifying how Americans may react to the flaws in our economic system in a post-pandemic world. [Vox]

How health care investors are helping run Jared Kushner’s shadow coronavirus task force

Economist Eileen Appelbaum shows how health companies run by private-equity firms are struggling due to the financial pressures of the pandemic, and provides context for the appointment of company owners to the federal government's coronavirus task force. [Mother Jones]

There's a mental health crisis among Tennessee children, and COVID-19 isn't helping 

In this opinion piece, education researcher Sayil Camacho and public policy researcher Carolyn Heinrich team up to explain how children struggle with mental health issues in rural Tennessee communities hit hard by poverty and the opioid crisis - and how COVID-19 has made it worse. [The Tennessean]

There’s no roadmap for teaching online, so Washington’s teachers are creating their own

Education researcher Annalee Good highlights the challenges of converting to an online-only education model in a short period of time - even as Washington's teachers are innovating with their approach to it. [Seattle Times]