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You're reading Case Report, a weekly digest of our expert network's best research, analysis, and policy recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past few weeks, Scholars Strategy Network researchers from across the country have come together to develop Beyond Flattening the Curve: Policy Recommendations for the COVID-19 Crisis. These recommendations based on their research - from small tweaks to bold overhauls - that not only address the COVID-19 crisis but imagine a better future for us. This week, we are highlighting a sample of those proposals.

Expand Emergency Medicaid to Cover Comprehensive COVID-19 Treatment

With immigrants far less likely to be insured, the CARES Act is not enough to guarantee they get the care they need. Anthropologists Sarah Horton and Whitney Duncan make the case for Emergency Medicaid expansion.

Halt ICE Raids, Detentions and Deportations

ICE raids aid the spread of COVID-19. Learn why putting a stop to raids, family separations, and deportations is a public health issue in a policy recommendation from physician and anthropologist Seth Holmes. 

Increase Access to Abortion Pills via Telemedicine

The pandemic has not eliminated the need for abortion care, but numerous barriers limit patients' access to telemedicine abortion in the US. Gender studies researcher Carrie Baker lays out the remedy in her policy recommendation.

Prepare Schools to Mitigate Trauma

Social worker and researcher Antonio Garcia explains why, after the pandemic itself has come to an end, America's schools must be prepared to provide trauma-informed care for their students.

Ensure Safe Elections for All

The COVID-19 pandemic presents serious challenges to voting. In her policy recommendation, political scientist Amel Ahmed outlines what steps are necessary to ensure a safe and fair general election in 2020. [Scholars Strategy Network]