Case Report Week of May 18, 2020

Associate Director of Digital Strategy

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The social distancing, shutdown of businesses, and other measures put in place to control the COVID-19 outbreak have worn down the patience of many Americans - myself included. But some communities have gone so far as to demand reopening on the steps of their state capitols. Our researchers dove into the economic and social conflicts at the heart of the pushback to America's COVID-19 response.

You can’t turn the economy back on like a light switch

Economist Alicia Sasser-Modestino warns against wishful thinking for a quick and easy return to business as usual, citing the slow return of furloughed workers and the growth of unemployment in the public sector. [Vox]

Wisconsin judge’s ‘regular folks’ remark shows how pandemic exposes classism

Sociologist Jessi Streib points out that even in the midst of class conflict incited by the pandemic, more professional people are acknowledging the contributions of the working class. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

How risky should we be in our quest to reopen our economy quickly?

This opinion piece by public policy expert Stuart Shapiro weighs the risks of reopening the economy against the threat of the pandemic for a quick lesson in  risk management. [The Star-Ledger/]

Widespread testing might not work in America. We love our ‘freedom’ too much.

Drug policy expert and psychiatrist Keith Humphreys draws on his research and experience with the opioid crisis to explain how cultural values may limit the spread and availability of COVID-19 testing. [Washington Post]

Trump’s push to reopen Pennsylvania adds 2020 politics to a heated coronavirus debate

Political scientist Max Skidmore weighs in on President Trump's push to reopen key 2020 states, including Pennsylvania - and how he can spin the outcome as a political victory either way. [Philadelphia Inquirer]