Experts Available: Immigration Bills and Family Separation

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Communications Manager and Producer, No Jargon

For expert on the immigration bill up for a vote in the House of Representatives and family seperation, these scholars are available to comment. Contact the scholars directly, or reach out to Dominik Doemer to be connected to them or other immigration experts.

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Expert on the impact that unknown migration status has on immigrants' health
[email protected]

Hear Heide on our special episode of No Jargon.

Professor of Sociology

Expert on undocumented youth and the trials of being undocumented
[email protected](813) 974-7690

See Elizabeth's brief on the challenges facing undocumented youth

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Expert on immigration policy and the health effects on immigrants
[email protected]

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Expert on sexual and reproductive health of immigrants, especially adolescents
[email protected]

See Kate's brief on the impact of deportation of fathers on daughters.

PhD Candidate in United States History

Expert on [email protected] history and immigrant rights
[email protected]