Members Tackle COVID-19 Crisis in Opinion Pages

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As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, SSN scholars are using their research to inform the discussion in America's opinion pages. Read the pieces below to learn more. 

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Carrie Henning-Smith

COVID-19 poses an unequal risk of isolation and loneliness
The Hill, March 18, 2020

"Social distancing is crucial to “flattening the curve” to give our health care system a fighting chance. The short-term loneliness and isolation that will come from limiting interactions with one another will be hard. The potential of COVID-19 to cause long-term isolation and loneliness is particularly troubling, given the importance of social connections for health and wellbeing."

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Jules Boykoff

Cancel. The. Olympics. 
The New York Times, March 18, 2020

"While sports can create an escape hatch from the grit and grind of daily life, there is no escaping the fact that the coronavirus pandemic presents an extraordinary challenge that cannot be overcome with mere platitudes and prayers. Pressing ahead with the Tokyo Games means creating a massive, potentially perilous petri dish. For the sake of global public health, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games should be canceled."

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Amy Fried

Get coronavirus under control first, but don’t forget about accountability
Bangor Daily News, March 17, 2020

"In grappling with the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, we need to follow historical precedent and first confront our problems and then assure accountability. When Americans experience a crisis, we harness the powers of government and turn to and beyond our communities. We help each other and we mourn."

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Daphne Hernandez

What coronavirus means for food insecurity
The Hill, March 17, 2020.

"With the number of coronavirus cases increasing daily, plans are being developed and implemented to prevent further spread of the virus. One of those plans includes the closing of school districts. While that’s an important safety measure, our policymakers must keep in mind that when schools close for an extended period of time, such as during the summer, rates of food insecurity increase."

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Daniel Field

Coronavirus lesson #1: You never know when you, and everyone around you, will need public health
The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 16, 2020.

"A month, ago how much did you know about self-quarantine, social distancing, contact tracing, flattening the curve, or disease testing kits? Now, most of us know that they may save our life – and the lives of millions of others."

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Heather Boushey

How to help workers laid off in the coronavirus crisis
The Los Angeles Times, March 13, 2020.

"With increasing numbers of people in quarantine, millions of Americans avoiding certain kinds of businesses, the canceling of large gatherings, and investors obviously worried about the future, a coronavirus recession seems almost certain. Moreover, the historically high economic inequality that characterizes our economy has created fragilities that exacerbate any shocks to our society."

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Daniel Hemel

Congress can’t meet remotely. The coronavirus might mean it has to. 
The Washington Post, March 10, 2020.

"A growing number of members of Congress — including Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the incoming White House chief of staff — have put themselves under “self-quarantine” after they came into contact with a coronavirus-infected individual at a conference of conservative activists last month. They’re unlikely to be the last lawmakers exposed to the virus as it spreads across the country: Members of Congress, like the rest of us, are vulnerable to an illness that knows no party lines. The House and Senate need to plan for an outbreak that sidelines a significant number of lawmakers for days or weeks."

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Mary Gatta

A Path to Greater Worker Protection in a Time of the Coronavirus
InsiderNJ on March 5, 2020.

"New Jersey in the last hours announced its first two positive Coronavirus cases.  It is almost certain there will be many more cases in the state in the weeks ahead.  We have all heard the advice that in addition to stringent hand washing, if an individual exhibits any symptoms he/she must stay home from work and self-quarantine.   As many social scientists– and workers themselves–have noted throughout the country: if workers don’t have paid sick days, missed work means missed income."

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