New to Office? SSN Members Prepare Post-Election Policy Proposals

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Associate Director of Public Policy

Are you a policymaker looking for evidence-based policy ideas for your turn in office? SSN members offer new solutions in criminal justice, climate policy, good jobs policies, and strengthening supports for low-income families, based on their peer-reviewed research. All scholars are available for press and policy inquiries.

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The Sentencing Project

Policy Proposal: Instate 15-Year Maximum Wait for Parole Eligibility

To lay the groundwork for a realistic challenge to mass incarceration and to provide a better approach to advancing public safety, policymakers should ensure that all people in prison are evaluated for parole release no later than 15 years into their sentence. This reform entails expediting parole consideration for those serving parole-eligible life sentences and reinstating parole eligibility for all sentences.

Georgia State University

Policy Proposal: Tax Carbon to Combat Climate Change

Instituting a carbon tax is the most cost-effective solution to combat climate change.  By reducing greenhouse gas emissions at low cost, the tax could offer the most politically palatable policy response.

Rutgers University-Newark

Policy Proposal: Enforce Private Sector Compliance with Criminal Record Expungement Orders

Regulating third party background checks and private websites that post criminal records ensures that dismissed, sealed, and expunged records do not appear on the internet, undermining current state policies.

Policy Proposal: Provide Individual Access to Personal Criminal Records

Providing no-cost access to one’s own state and federal criminal history allows people the chance to review their records, seek remedies for error, and determine their eligibility for record sealing and expungement.

Policy Proposal: Reclassify Mugshots as Closed, Private Records

Reclassifying booking photos taken by law enforcement at arrest as “closed records” protects personal privacy in the digital era, where mugshots are released in bulk, duplicated across private websites, and used in online extortion and shaming schemes.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Policy Proposal: Tie Corporate Taxes to Job Creation

The Tax Fairness for Middle Class Families Act would tie corporate profits and Federal taxes to decent jobs for the American people. Directly tying corporate taxes to the creation and destruction of middle-class jobs promotes middle class prosperity in the United States by incentivizing businesses to create well-paying jobs in all communities.

University of Louisville

Policy Proposal: Worker-Owned Cooperatives Can Create Good Jobs in all Communities

Policymakers seeking to create sustainable jobs in underserved communities should implement policies to develop worker-owned cooperatives. Co-ops are an idea that policymakers of all political persuasions have and can come together to support, most recently with the passage of the Main Street Employee Ownership Act. 

University of Toronto

Policy Proposal: End Substandard Wages for People with Disabilities

Permitting employers to pay disabled Americans less than the minimum wage perpetuates a discriminatory and unjust system by treating disabled workers as less worthy, charitable cases.

California State University-Fresno

Policy Proposal: Reduce Diaper Need Among Families in Poverty

Public grants to support diaper banks and diaper vouchers for families receiving welfare cash aid or food assistance would help struggling parents provide a basic need of early childhood and improve parental mental health and children’s well-being.