Public Charge Rule: Experts Available on Immigration and Public Assistance

The Trump Administration this week released a sweeping new "public charge" rule that would deny green cards and permanent residency to documented immigrants who receive public assistance or fail to meet income standards.

For journalists looking for expert sources, these researchers are available to comment:

University of Southern Maine, Portland

Email: [email protected]


Expert on welfare policy, focusing on both its restrictive nature and its effect on recipients.

Vanderbilt University

Email: [email protected]


Expert on social welfare policy and poverty reduction efforts.

Northeastern University

Email: [email protected]


Expert on immigration, U.S. racial dynamics, and healthcare access.

Tufts University

Email: [email protected]


Expert on immigration, race and ethnicity, inequality, and social policy.

University of California, Davis

Email: [email protected]


Expert on citizenship and legal status, deportation, and intersections with criminal law.