SSN Postdoctoral Fellows on the Job Market

The Scholars Strategy Network Postdoctoral Fellowship is a highly competitive two-year program that supports early career scholars in continuing their rigorous research agendas and learning how to transform research into engaged, public scholarship. The Postdoctoral Fellows spend half of their time advancing their academic research and the other half of their time inserting their research and evidence, and those of members of SSN chapters, into local, state, and national policy debates. Ultimately, the goal of SSN, including the Postdoctoral Fellowship, is to use ground-breaking scholarly research to improve public policy and strengthen democracy. 

All fellows are evaluated by a national academic review team, including senior scholars affiliated with SSN and its chapters, based on the quality of their doctoral research and proposed postdoctoral research, in addition to their interest and experience in public scholarship.

Please contact Shira Rascoe for information about the SSN Postdoctoral Fellowship or the postdoctoral researchers on the market.

University of Maine
  • Postdoctoral affiliation: Political Science, University of Maine
  • Research interests: Climate change adaptation, environmental inequality, political economy, qualitative methodology
  • Ph.D. affiliation: University of Utah, Department of Sociology
  • DissertationEnvironmentally Induced Migration in Fiji (funded by the NSF:DDRI) 
  • Dissertation chair: Dr. Brett and Dr. Sarita Gaytan
Vanderbilt University
  • Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Peabody College of Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University
  • Research interests: The intersections of education, immigration, and labor to advance equity for historically marginalized populations
  • Ph.D. affiliation: UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, Higher Education and Organizational Change Division
  • Dissertation: Postdoctoral Scholars at the University of California: Constructing a Migrant Identity Within the Workplace
  • Dissertation chair: Dr. Robert A. Rhoads
University of Utah
  • Postdoctoral affiliation: Departments of Sociology and Political Science, The University of Utah
  • Research interests: Gender, Religion, Education, Sexuality, Health, Methods
  • Ph.D. affiliation: University of Washington, Sociology
  • DissertationEvangelical Sexual Politics in Trump’s America
  • Dissertation chair: Dr. Sarah Quinn
University of California San Diego
  • Postdoctoral affiliation: Sociology Department, University of California, San Diego
  • Research interests: Social foundations of public policy, inequalities and policy, political sociology, education and inequality
  • Ph.D. affiliation: Sociology Department, University of California, San Diego
  • Dissertation: Who Pays for Higher Education? The Politics of Legislating College Costs in the United States.
  • Dissertation chair: Dr. Isaac W. Martin
  • Website: