SSN briefs on women representation in politics by Working Group members

Are Gender Stereotypes a Problem for Female Candidates?
Nichole Bauer, SSN Key Findings, September 2015

The Impact of Family Obligations on Women's Willingness to Seek Election and to Serve in U.S. Legislatures
Rachel Silbermann, SSN Key Findings, March 2015

How Views about Gender Shape U.S. Election Campaigns
Kelly Dittmar, SSN Key Findings, January 2015

Who are the Most Effective Lawmakers in Congress?
Craig Volden and Alan E. Wiseman, SSN Key Findings,October 2014

The Rocky Road to the White House for American Women
Karen Beckwith, SSN Basic Facts, January 2014

How Polarization Reduces the Ranks of Republican Women in Congress
Danielle Thomsen, SSN Key Findings, December 2013

Shattering the Glass Ceiling for Women in Politics
Pamela O'Leary and Shauna Shames, SSN Basic Facts, November 2013

The Widening Partisan Gender Gap in the U.S. Congress
Karen Beckwith, SSN Basic Facts, March 2013

Promoting Women's Political Representation Overseas
Sarah Bush, SSN Key Findings, January 2013

The Uneven Presence of Women and Minorities in America's State Legislatures - And Why It Matters
Beth Reingold, SSN Key Findings, October 2012

Democrats, Republicans, and the Prospects for Women Candidates in Election 2012
Karen Beckwith, SSN Basic Facts, September 2012

Women's Pathways to America's State Legislatures
Kira Sanbonmatsu, SSN Key Findings, May 2012

Women’s Voice in American Politics
Kristin Goss, Sanford School, SSN Key Findings, January 2012

The Quest for Women's Votes in Election 2012
Kira Sanbonmatsu, SSN Basic Facts, May 2012