Christopher McGrory Klyza

Robert ‘35 and Helen ‘38 Stafford Professor in Public Policy, Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies, Middlebury College
Areas of Expertise:
  • Climate Change
  • Environment

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Klyza’s area of expertise is U.S. conservation and environmental policy. More specifically, he focuses on understanding recent environmental policy at the national level across institutions (e.g., given gridlock in Congress, how has climate change policy been advanced through executive politics, judicial politics, and the states?). He also focuses on the changing cultural and natural history in Vermont, and how these changes affect the landscape. He is on the board of directors of two local conservation organizations based in Bristol, VT: The Watershed Center and Vermont Family Forests.


Beyond Gridlock in American Environmental Policy

  • David J. Sousa



Who Controls Public Lands? Mining, Forestry, and Grazing Policies, 1870-1990 (University of North Carolina Press, 1996).
Argues that public lands policies have been fundamentally shaped by resilient ideas institutionalized at the time these policy regimes began (ca. 1872, 1900, 1934).
Wilderness Comes Home: Rewilding the Northeast (University Press of New England, 1999).
Includes a series of essays discussing opportunities for restoring and expanding wildlands throughout the northeastern United States. It features an epilogue by Bill McKibben.
"The Greening of Social Capital: An Examination of Land-Based Groups in Two Vermont Counties" (with Andrew Savage and Jonathan Isham). Rural Sociology 70, no. 1 (2005): 113-131.
Reveals that land-based groups are significantly undercounted using IRS and Secretary of State data. Argues that these groups demonstrate a significant “greening” of social capital in Vermont, and perhaps beyond.
"Beyond Gridlock: Green Drift in American Environmental Policymaking" (with David J. Sousa). Political Science Quarterly 125, no. 3 (2010): 443-463.
Argues that the combination of the “green state” (existing environmental laws, institutions, and expectations developed over time) and congressional gridlock have led environmental policy to move in the direction favored by environmentalists over the last several decades. The thesis is illustrated by brief cases on reducing mercury air pollution and altering management of the Columbia River.
American Environmental Policy: Beyond Gridlock (with David J. Sousa) (MIT Press, 2013).
Argues that despite congressional gridlock on environmental policy since 1990, policymaking has flourished on other pathways: appropriations and budget politics, executive politics, judicial politics, states, and collaboration.
The Story of Vermont: A Natural and Cultural History, 2nd Edition (with Stephen C. Trombulak) (University Press of New England, 2015).
Examines how geological, biological, and cultural forces have shaped the Vermont landscape, and, in turn, how the biological and physical landscape of Vermont has shaped the humans living there.

In the News

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