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Doron M. Kalir

Clinical Professor of Law, Cleveland State University

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Kalir's scholarship focuses on the intersection between religion freedoms and LGBTQ rights. Kalir's area of expertise include federal courts, the Supreme Court, separation-of-powers, Religion and State, Jewish Law, the Israeli Legal System & Government.


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Doron M. Kalir quoted on turning legal definitions into language everyone can understand by Fulcrum Staff, "What We Mean When We Use Words Like Sedition and Insurrection" The Fulcrum, January 8, 2021.
Doron M. Kalir quoted on Justice Thomas once-in-a-lifetime chance to abolish affirmative action for the foreseeable future, "Barrett Puts Affirmative Action in Play As Harvard Case Looms" Law 360, October 6, 2020.


"Artis v. District of Columbia – What Did the Supreme Court Actually Say?" Notre Dame Law Review Online 94 (forthcoming).

Unpacks a new 5:4 decision by the Supreme Court, where the dissent did not seem to understand what the majority was saying, and the majority, in turn, did not seem to quite understand what the dissent was suggesting. Raises the question in the title - what did the Court actually say?

"Rethinking Religious Objections (Old-Testament Based) to Same-Sex Marriage" Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy 33 (2018).

Reviews, as the title suggests, the main religious objections to Same Sex Marriage as provided by the Old Testament; debunking them one by one.