Eric Schwab

PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of Washington
Chapter Member: Washington SSN
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Schwab studies American political development, security and development assistance, political economy, and economic inequality and housing policy. His latest research interests focus on domestic U.S. policy regarding economic stability, housing policy and residential displacement, and representation of marginalized communities within American metropolitan and urban areas. In particular, he is interested in how mortgage and tax foreclosures are correlated with declining local funding for public institutions and programs, as well as increasing rental eviction rates. Schwab is currently collaborating with Detroit-based mapping and open data company, Loveland Technologies, to assess how policymakers and stakeholders can employ data on housing development and land-use. Some of Schwab’s past research focuses on the impacts of U.S. foreign assistance on developing states’ human rights, democratic stability, and economic development. In summer 2016, Schwab worked at the U.S. Government Accountability Office as a trainee in Management and Program Analysis, where he assessed U.S. food insecurity assistance programs and created a policy brief on tax foreclosure and residential displacement in Detroit.