Jaein Josefina Lee

PhD Candidate in Education, Harvard University
Chapter Member: Boston SSN
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Lee’s research experiences focus on the structural and cultural factors conditioning ethnic and immigrant identities formation, and more specifically, on the impact of policies and implementation on immigrant youths’ identity development and academic performance. She is especially interested in immigrant youths’ academic opportunities and social integration through higher education. She is currently serving as a research assistant for the National UnDACAmented Research Project, studying the effects of Obama’s Deferred Action program on undocumented young adults. She is also serving as a teaching fellow for the Data Wise Institute, providing teaching assistance to school and district staff in developing policies and programs based on data and evidence.


Who is Gaining the Most from Obama's Deferred Action Program for Undocumented Adults?

    Carolina Valdivia Ordorica , Kristina Brant


"Ethnic Identities: The Role of Institutions in the Assimilation Process" The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 6, no. 11 (2012): 19-34.

Explores how the institutional and policy conditions in the receiving countries may influence 1.5 generation immigrants’ perception and formation of their identities.