Jay R. Mandle

W. Bradford Wiley Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Colgate University

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Mandle is a founding member of Democracy Matters, a non-profit organization that organizes on college campuses to reduce the role of private money in politics.


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Jay R. Mandle quoted by Tarron Khemraj, "Oil and Other Sectors: Could Guyana Escape the Natural Resource Curse?" Stabroek News, March 4, 2018.
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Jay R. Mandle contributes monthly by Jay R. Mandle to Democracy Matters Money on my Mind.
Jay R. Mandle contributes monthly by Jay R. Mandle to Huffington Post.


Change Election to Change America: Democracy Matters Student Organizers in Action (with Joan D. Mandle) (Prospecta Press, 2014).
Argues that wealthy donors to political campaigns may damage democracy; presents student activism that promotes public financing to political candidates at the local, state, and national levels as an alternative to the current system of big private contributions.
"The Political Market" Journal of Economic Issues 47, no. 1 (2013): 135-146.
Describes the American political system as one that the elitist economist Joseph Schumpeter may approve of and argues that a more democratic system would require that the electoral system be treated as a public good.
Creating Political Equality: Elections as a Public Good (Academic Press, 2010).
Poses a systematic argument in favor of the American electoral process; examines campaign finance reform and the plausibility of greater political equality if candidates have the option to finance campaigns with public funds.