Markie McBrayer

Markie McBrayer

PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of Houston
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McBrayer is interested in using geography to examine health care inequities across the United States with a focus on the urban/rural divide. More broadly, she is drawn to issues where policy, politics, and space intersect. As a former transit consultant, McBrayer has worked with local non-profits in the Boston area on transportation advocacy issues.

In the News

Markie McBrayer's research on the contrast between Texas and California's health care (with Ling Zhu) discussed by Michael Tomasky, "Texas: Where Crazy Gets Elected," The Daily Beast, February 26, 2014.


"TCRP Synthesis 98: Ridesharing as a Complement to Transit," (with Gail Murray, Mark E. Chase, and Eunice Kim), The National Academies Press, 2012.
Explores current practices in using ridesharing to complement public transit and highlights ways to potentially enhance ridesharing and public transit.