Peter Ubertaccio

Associate Professor of Political Science, Founding Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Stonehill College
Chapter Member: Boston SSN

About Peter

Ubertaccio's interests have been in American political parties and political development and Massachusetts state politics. He has taught a number of courses on political institutions—the Presidency, Congress, Courts, as well as integrative learning communities—second year courses at Stonehill—combining political science courses with courses in Music. Ubertaccio has developed innovative travel-learning courses that help to introduce his students to practical politics, contemporary events, civic life and have led seminars in, and brought groups of students to, Washington, D.C., New York City, Nigeria, Mexico City, Guatemala, and England.  For over ten years, he has organized two weeks of seminars each May in Washington on politics, power, and policymaking. Ubertaccio is a member of the Board of Directors of the OpenCape Corporation, the JFK Hyannis Museum Foundation, and Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies Program and Academic Council.  

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