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Seth M Holmes

Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology, Society and Environment, University of California-Berkeley
Chapter Member: Bay Area SSN
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Seth M. Holmes is a physician and social anthropologist whose work focuses broadly on social hierarchies, health inequalities, and the ways in which such asymmetries are naturalized, normalized, and resisted. He is currently conducting research in the social hierarchies affecting indigenous Mexican immigrant farmworker families in the U.S. as well as the means by which these communities are working for social and health equity. He is also investigating the processes through which biomedical trainees learn to perceive and respond to social differences and inequalities. In addition, Holmes is engaging in new research into representations of and responses to refugees in Europe and the social, symbolic, and political processes through which indigenous Latin American youth in California navigate ethnicity, multi-layered citizenship, indigeneity, borders, and violence.


In the News

"ICE Needs to Stand Down – For Everyone’s Good," Seth M Holmes (with Wayne A. Cornelius), The GlobePost, April 7, 2020.
"Ice Agents Are Still Performing Raids – And Using Precious N95 Masks To Do So," Seth M Holmes (with Miriam Magaña Lopez), The Guardian, March 31, 2020.
"In A Defunded Health System, Doctors And Nurses Suffer Near-Impossible Conditions," Seth M Holmes (with Liza Buchbinder), Salon, March 29, 2020.


"Raids on Immigrant Communities During the Pandemic Threaten the Country’s Public Health," (with Miriam Magaña Lopez), AJPH EDITORIALS, April 23, 2020.

Argues that the raids, detentions, and deportations conducted by the federal government are putting us all at risk, creating distrust, leading to overcrowding and forced detrimental movement, worsening a shortage of basic health equipment, and adversely affecting the social determinants of health of all.