Ben Miyamoto

Director of Membership, Chapters, & Learning

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About Ben

As Director, Ben manages the Chapters, Membership, & Learning Department, which helps SSN achieve its mission by: developing and activating chapter leaders, welcoming new members, nurturing organizational and individual learning, and maintaining and sharing information about members, chapters, and engagement opportunities with SSN's members, leaders, other departments, and other stakeholders.

Ben coordinate's the department's efforts to recruit, coach, and support scholars who invest their time as chapter leaders and share their expertise in other ways that achieve SSN’s mission. In this work, Ben helps leaders build active regional chapters that cultivate relationships between scholars and local journalists, policymakers, civic leaders, and funders that inform state, local, and national policy. Further, he helps chapters and members equip universities to realize their democratic missions by fostering public engagement and civic learning among their faculty and students.

Ben is enthusiastic about accelerating the participation and leadership of women scholars and scholars of color, while thinking critically about how to support and resource this work. He also works to integrate members’ research findings into the network’s strategy, operations, and values. To ensure the network continues to grow as a learning organization, Ben invests much of his free time thinking about system level improvements and looking for opportunities to integrate new technologies across the network.

Ben graduated summa cum laude from Boston College where he earned a BA in philosophy and theology. His interests include scholarly communication, the use of research evidence, and religious networks.