What We Stand For

Across the states, the Scholars Strategy Network is working to advance the use of research wherever policy decisions are made -- from city halls to state legislatures to Washington.

Researchers and research institutions have an important role to play in improving policy and strengthening democracy. When decisions are informed by the best research, public policy strengthens communities and spurs innovation.

Communicate the Impacts of Radical Policy Shifts

In a time of rapid policy change, researchers are well positioned to analyze new policies and explain who benefits and who pays. SSN organizes scholars to deliver timely, accurate information from a variety of perspectives.

Fight for Evidence-Based Policy in the States

Federated action through widespread voluntary initiatives in states and localities is the best way to assert and protect valued policies and civic norms. In the states, SSN scholars speak out for cutting-edge policymaking and defend the evidence for programs that work.

Strengthen Democracy

People of all political persuasions are concerned about threats to American civil inclusiveness, tolerance, the right to vote, and freedom of assembly. SSN scholars share historically grounded work on what happens in periods when democracies drift toward intolerance and authoritarianism – and how all of us can push back effectively.

A Commitment to Diversity and Full Civic Participation

The Scholars Strategy Network empowers researchers to use their research to improve public policy and strengthen democracy. To achieve this mission, SSN seeks to bring together diverse scholars, policymakers, media, civic leaders, and community members in mutually beneficial relationships. Read our statement of values here.