Confluence - Promoting Participation and Trust in St. Louis Elections

Project Objective:

Creating and building initiatives to promote voter participation and trust in elections in the St. Louis region by partnering with local election administrators on research, voter access, and education. The Confluence project launched in the St. Louis region, focused on three initiatives: promoting the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) polling location, media promotion of voting rules and election integrity, and applied election research and reporting.

Voter Education Series


St. Louis County Vote Anywhere

Information about the "vote anywhere" policy in St. Louis County, MO elections.

UMSL logo

UMSL Polling Place

Provides hours and directions for UMSL polling place for voting in the 2022 election.

Missouri outline

Changes to MO Voting Laws

Explains changes to Missouri voting laws in 2022 enacted by the New Election Law.


Media Coverage

Chapter Spotlight: Confluence SSN Highlights State Election Changes

Mindful of the need to keep their St. Louis community informed of changes in election law, Confluence SSN's election program project leaders have been hard at work ensuring that their election program increases voter education and encourages voter turnout. 

Project Leaders

University of Illinois at Chicago

Clendenen is a Phd Candidate in Comparative Politics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Clendenen's research focuses on the politics of material heritage. Overarching themes of Clendenen's writings include the development of national identities in the rural-urban divide. 

University of Missouri-St. Louis
David Kimball

Kimball is Professor and Interim Chair of the Political Science department at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and co-leader of the Confluence SSN chapter. His research examines election administration, voting behavior, public opinion, and interest groups in the United States. He has participated as an expert in several court cases related to election administration, voting rights, and redistricting.

University of Missouri-St. Louis
Manion Headshot

Manion is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Affiliate Faculty Member in Gender Studies at the University of Missouri-St.Louis. Manion's research focuses on the impact of policy on issues of equity, particularly in areas of education and elections. Her studies examine the impact of 4-day weeks on Missouri school districts, perceptions of voter fraud and election reform, and other policy matters.