Improving Public Policy through SSN Projects

Scholars Strategy Network members are dedicated to leveraging their research to inform policy and strengthen democracy at all levels of government. Over the years, SSN members have formed collaborative groups and launched innovative projects, supported by SSN staff, in order to increase their reach and impact. Dive into these member efforts by exploring the network's most recent and ongoing projects below.

American flag

What's Next for American Democracy?

Amid threats to elections and governance, a group of scholars convened by SSN Director Theda Skocpol penned a statement on the ongoing challenges to American democracy and proactive measures to address them. They invite broader discussion on these and related topics by other SSN members.

Ukrainian flags on a building

Sane Ukraine

The Sane Ukraine program is a dedicated initiative designed to address the mental health challenges stemming from the ongoing Russia-Ukrainian War. Authored by three SSN members, these policy briefs and opinion pieces shed light on the Sane Ukraine program's operational framework, its initial findings, and recommendations for the future.

Voting booths

Faculty Guide to Student Voting in Your Classroom

A resource from SSN in collaboration with organizations in the student voting space, this faculty guide is designed to bring voter registration, education, and voter turnout information into the classroom.

New York City Skyline

Reducing the Impact of Systemic Racism on Health in NYC by 2025

These policy briefs from CUNY Graduate School of Public Health scholars offer actionable steps to reduce health disparities in NYC for a fairer, healthier community.

Microscopic image of COVID-19

Beyond Flattening the Curve: Policy Recommendations for the COVID-19 Crisis

Between 2020 and 2022, SSN members from across the country developed policy recommendations based on their research that not only addressed the immediate COVID-19 crisis, but also imagined a better future for the entire nation.

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