SSN Election Protection & Enhancement Program 2023-24

Strengthening Elections Through the Scholars Strategy Network

After a successful pilot year, the Scholars Strategy Network is thrilled to announce the recipients of year two of the Election Protection and Enhancement Program. In this new phase, we are proud to award grants to six deserving members, groups, and chapters from across the country.

These groundbreaking projects are set to embark on an 18-month journey, spanning from September 2023 - November 2024, to implement known best practices that improve, increase participation in, and build trust in elections.

We invite you to explore the full list of grant recipients and the innovative projects they are leading, all detailed below. As they make progress in their research and collaborations, we look forward to featuring many of them and sharing their impactful contributions with our community and beyond.

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Confluence: Engaging Students and Community Partners in St. Louis

This project features four initiatives to increase participation and build trust in elections in the St. Louis region, with particular focus on student voting, utilizing best practices, but also casting a wider net at engaging those in the surrounding communities. 

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Confluence (2): Building Trust and Participation in St. Louis County

This project is designed with the two-fold aim of (1) identifying the issues specific to the St. Louis county electorate that reduce public trust and participation and (2) developing a slate of targeted policy and project recommendations.

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Connecticut: Strengthening Human Service Capacity for Voter Engagement

This project is designed to build the capacity of those who work in human service organizations to support their clients and communities through research-based activities that will support voter engagement.


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Maine: Understanding and Supporting Election Poll Workers

Building on the research-practice collaboration of 2022-23this project would extend understanding of poll worker recruitment in Maine and kickstart efforts to pilot strategies to recruit more Maine residents involved in election administration. 


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New York: Increasing Trust and Participation in Election Outcomes

This project will coordinate a series of federal job/appointment training sessions for community groups to build trust in the transition period after an election from policy to personnel. 

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Virginia: BC Votes—Creating Civic Leaders of Tomorrow

This project will expand the work done by the Valley Votes Project, supporting a series of initiatives designed to encourage voting in the state election and the development for future election cycles.

Contact Info

If you have questions about the grants or the program overall, reach out to Britah Odondi, Senior Voting & Election Policy Associate at [email protected].

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EPEP 2022-23

In the summer of 2022, SSN introduced its first Election Enhancement and Protection Program. A total of eight SSN Building Trust in Elections projects were selected.