SSN Election Protection & Enhancement Program 2022-23

Strengthening Local Elections through the Scholars Strategy Network

In summer 2022, SSN launched its Election Enhancement and Protection Program. Recognizing how decentralized the U.S elections system is and the need to bridge the gap between researchers, community organizations, and practitioners, SSN put forth a call for proposals requesting groups of members and chapters with an interest in improving, increasing participation in, and building trust in elections. Through an extensive review process, a total of eight SSN Building Trust in Elections projects were selected. 

Election Program Map

Pilot Year Summary and Evaluation

The SSN Election Protection Enhancement Program's Pilot Year Summary and Evaluation showcases the program's comprehensive efforts in safeguarding electoral processes and bolstering democratic integrity.



Bay Area: Increasing Access to the Ballot: Jail-Based Voter Registration

Informing people in custody about their legal right to register and vote promises to increase their trust in and engagement with the electoral system.

Gateway Arch

Confluence: Building Trust in St. Louis Local Elections

Building initiatives to promote voter participation and trust in elections in the St. Louis region by partnering with local election administrators.

Florida State Building

Florida: Strengthening Local Knowledge about Elections

Supporting election officials by creating training materials and supporting outreach to foster an understanding of election administration.

Georgia State Building

Georgia: Communicating Local Election Processes to Build Trust

Raising awareness in Georgia of the actual administrative and technical processes that support and assure safe and trustworthy elections.

Election Poll

Maine: Understanding and Supporting Election Poll Workers

Enriching our understanding of the vital role of poll workers through a research-practice collaboration with organizations and officials in Maine.

Young person voting

Mississippi: Empowering Young Student Voters

Educating young student voters by partnering with local election officials to increase on-campus civic engagement and promote student voter participation.                           

Watching News

San Diego: Identifying and Countering Election Disinformation

Creating a network of key civic engagement groups in order to counter disinformation that targets voters and identifying strategies to promote engagement. 

Shenandoah Valley

Virgina: Valley Votes Project

Tackling election distrust in Harrisonburg city and the surrounding Rockingham county by supporting initiatives that build trust in local elections.

Contact Info

If you have questions about the grants or the program overall, reach out to Britah OdondiVoting & Election Policy Associate at [email protected].