Cohorts & Working Groups

Strengthening the Scholars Strategy Network through Cohorts and Working Groups

Throughout the years, cohorts and working groups have been pillars of support for SSN members, offering them a vital opportunity to foster community, develop new skills, and push for change alongside scholars in similar fields. Discover the array of recent and ongoing cohorts within the network, encompassing topics such as election protection, health equity, and more.

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Election Protection & Enhancement Program

Recognizing how decentralized the U.S elections system is, SSN's Election Enhancement and Protection Program allocates grants to groups of SSN members and chapters with an interest in improving, increasing participation in, and building trust in elections.


Education Scholars Training Program

The Education Scholars Training Program is an annual cohort of 15 education scholars, designed to bridge the gap between education research, policy and practice. The program expands the capacity of scholars to influence public policy so that their research can shape education policy in the United States.

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Health Equity Scholars Program

The Health Equity Scholars Program recruits a cohort of early-career scholars based on recommendations from established senior researchers in the health equity field. These scholars conduct vital research to enhance community well-being and aim to communicate their findings for public policy impact.

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Child Tax Credit Working Group

Addressing the demand for enhanced research on the Child Tax Credit to help guide policy decisions, this working group brings together researchers from multiple disciplines with relevant expertise who are available to work with policymakers, write op-eds or policy briefs, collaborate with civic partners, or conduct further research.

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SSN Media Fellowship

Launched in 2023 and designed to empower SSN members who are new to media work, the SSN Media Fellowship is an initiative to pair a small group of selected SSN members with mentors from the network, while also providing custom support from the national staff.

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