We've synthesized the knowledge gathered across the network to curate the most valuable resources for bridging the gap between research and practice. Click below to explore our media and policy-focused how-to guides, featuring best practices on topics ranging from crafting a compelling opinion piece to delivering effective legislative testimony.

media resources

Media Writing

Writing a Letter to the Editor

A Letter to the Editor (LTE) can be an impactful way for academics to publicly express their research-based opinion on an important issue.

Writing a Compelling OpEd

Opinion pieces are a good tool for building connections with the media, in addition to getting your research into the hands of policymakers and civic leaders.

Pitching an OpEd

An effective OpEd pitch can capture the attention of opinion editors, leading to OpEd publication and creating pathways to influence policymakers and forging valuable professional contacts.

Media Interviews

Being Interviewed By Reporters

Reporters rely on researchers to explain complex issues, and they may contact a researcher for comments on breaking news or for background research on a story.

Being Interviewed On a Podcast

Podcasts are an increasingly popular medium that offers a new way of connecting with an audience.

Engaging TV and Radio Interviews

Interviews for TV or radio can be nerve-wracking, and even experienced interviewees get nervous - but with a bit of practice, you can have a great interview.

policy resources

Policy Writing & Action

Writing Effective Public Comments

Public comments can bring research and expertise to bear on legislative decision making, proposed rule changes, and other important policy discussions.

Writing Useful Policy Talking Points

Talking points are short, jargon-free nuggets of information that civic leaders can use when speaking on an issue.

Giving Legislative Testimony

Participating in legislative testimony during committee hearings enables researchers to share their subject matter expertise and have a meaningful impact on the legislative process.

Building Relationships with Policymakers

Building Relationships with Legislators

One-off contacts can be helpful, but the most fruitful legislative contacts are those that are part of a long-term relationship.

Meeting with Policymakers and Staff

Once you make contact and secure a meeting with a policymaker, it’s important to prepare for that first meeting.

Answering Pressing Policy Questions

Research is most likely to be used in policymaking when it answers a specific question.

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