Who We Are

The Scholars Strategy Network is an organization of university-based scholars who are committed to using research to improve policy and strengthen democracy. Through strategic connections and communications, SSN is reshaping the way policy is made.

We Are Voluntary

University-based scholars join the Scholars Strategy Network to volunteer their time and knowledge to solve public problems.

We Are In The States

As a federated network, SSN has over 30 chapters across 26 states, designed to provide state and federal policymakers with research perspectives from their own communities.

We Are Defined by Impact

Researchers in SSN work with three key partners: civic leaders, policymakers, and journalists. By understanding the goals and challenges facing these partners, SSN is focused on impact from the start.

We Are Four Communities, One Vision

Across its diverse chapters and members, SSN’s vision remains constant: improving policy and strengthening democracy with research and evidence.  


Our Team

Our scholars are supported by national and regional staffers, as well as individual chapter leaders and our steering committee. Meet them below.

Steering Committee
Scholars Strategy Network Founder and Director
Harvard University
Chair of the Board, Scholars Strategy Network
MB Associates
Consultant and Investor
University of Maine
Yale University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Minnesota
Cornell University
Cornell University
Blue Haven Initiative
Foundation for Civic Leadership
Rockefeller Family Fund
Chapter Leaders
University of Maine
City University of New York
University of Utah
The Ohio State University
Duke University
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Postdoctoral Fellows
Southern Connecticut State University
Utah SSN Postdoctoral Fellow
San Diego SSN Postdoctoral Fellow
National Staff
Associate Director of Communications and Producer, No Jargon
Director of Policy
Reproductive Justice & Rights Associate
Chief Financial Officer
Acting Executive Director
Chief Development Officer
Director of Membership, Chapters, & Learning
Associate Director of Chapters
Civic Engagement Manager
Policy Associate
Strategic Communications Associate