Child Tax Credit Working Group


As part of the American Rescue Plan passed in 2021, the federal government temporarily expanded the Child Tax Credit (CTC). Through this expansion, the credit became available to the lowest-income Americans, who were previously left out, while also increasing the amount of the credit, expanding the age range of children eligible, and making the payments monthly as opposed to annual.   

However, in December of 2022, Congress went out of session having failed to renew the expanded CTC. Since then, a number of states across the country have introduced and passed their own expanded CTC legislation and there have been renewed efforts in Congress to bring back this program and continue sending checks to the lower-income families that are left out of the current CTC.

As Congress and more and more states gain traction on these policies there is a major need for research and expertise to help inform policy decisions. In response to this need, SSN launched a CTC Working Group in May of 2023. The group consists of researchers with relevant expertise who are available to work with policymakers, write op-eds or policy briefs, collaborate with civic partners, or conduct further research.

Below you can find the group's members, their research, as well as their research briefs and op-eds, and our collaborators. If you’re interested in joining or partnering with the working group, please contact Olivia Brochu, Policy Associate, at [email protected].


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