Georgia - Communicating Local Election Processes to Build Trust

Project Objective:

In collaboration with researchers at Emory University, the project highlights recent changes in Georgia’s election and voting laws. Launching an “observatory of local elections” in DeKalb County, the project brings together a diverse collection of citizens including community leaders, students, researchers and local election officials to discuss and promote the public’s confidence in election integrity through diverse communication efforts.

Person voting

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Voter challenges have troubling history in Ga. | Opinion 

Interfering with the constitutional right to vote was wrong in 1946 and it would be wrong now. Hopefully, history is not repeating itself. But knowing Georgia’s past should make us wary of following an old pattern. By Richard Doner



The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Multistate system helps secure Georgians’ votes | Opinion

Several features of Georgia's electoral arrangements have come under criticism as potential tools of voter suppression or election fraud. By Richard Doner

Project Leaders

Emory University

Doner’s academic work focuses on variation in economic development, especially upgrading and innovation, as a function of institutions and politics. Doner’s civic involvement has included decade-long participation in a school mentoring program; organization of and participation in Emory activities related to citizenship, race, democracy and labor; and extensive participation in presidential campaigns, including the creation of a "speakers bureau" to engage rural Georgia voters.

Emory University
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Bolton studies American politics, with a focus on executive branch politics and policymaking. Prior to joining the faculty at Emory in 2016, Dr. Bolton held a postdoctoral position at Duke University's Social Science Research Institute.

CDC Division of Global AIDS
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St. Louis is a Senior Advisor for Health Systems in the CDC Division of Global AIDS. He has worked at CDC for 25 years across a range of infectious disease and public health issues, including a tour as Chief of Epidemiology at Projet SIDA in Kinshasa, DRC.