Maine: Understanding and Supporting Election Poll Workers

Project Objective

Building on the research-practice collaboration of 2022-23, this project would extend understanding of poll worker recruitment in Maine and kickstart efforts to pilot strategies to recruit more Maine residents involved in election administration. 

Project Leaders

University of Maine
Rob Glover Headshot

Glover's research focuses generally on political engagement, democratic theory, and public policy (immigration and drug policy specifically). Presently, he is working on a project looking at determinants of public attitudes towards drug policy reform in Maine. Glover is an award-winning teacher who as developed an innovative series of courses in which students and local community partners engage in collaborative research to confront local challenges utilizing existing assets and resources.

Colby College
Carrie LeVan Headshot

LeVan’s research focuses on mobilization and social networks and their role in affecting the participation of individuals from varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Current projects include investigating the influence of personal relationships on the turnout rates of low status voters, and exploring the effect of having politically engaged neighbors on one’s propensity to vote.

University of Maine

LaBouff is a social psychologist who focuses on relationships between different groups. Most of his research investigates the roles of beliefs (both religious and moral) and religious group membership on people’s attitudes and behaviors. He is particularly interested in how these beliefs, and reminders of these beliefs, might influence cultural and political processes. For example, how might reminders of religion at the polling site influence support for specific policies? How does bias against other religious, racial, or social groups influence our attitudes towards policy? How can we support communication between groups that promotes understanding and respects the complexity of our political problems?