Faculty Guide to Student Voting in Your Classroom

Faculty are the most direct and consistent pathway to students for election information.*

Use this faculty guide to bring voter registration, education and voter turnout information directly into the classroom.



It’s important to set aside time in class to talk about why and how students should register to reinforce that education and civic engagement are connected. 



Faculty can connect elections and voting directly to policies that intersect with course content, highlighting the value of voting.


Turn Out

When faculty provide concrete steps that students can take to prepare to cast their ballots, students are more confident in the process and more likely to turn out to vote.

SSN's Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights

Want to engage with other faculty members around best practices for student voting? SSN now has an initiative dedicated to student voting that is run by faculty, for faculty. If you want to get involved, learn more here and join the student voting network.


Want to learn more?

Given all of the incredible organizations working to support student voting efforts, this page highlights only a handful of the resources that exist. For more in-depth material, please check out this compiled list of student voting resourcesIf there are additional resources that should be included, please email SSN’s Senior Voting & Election Policy Associate, Britah Odondi, [email protected]


*Source: Institute for Democracy and Higher Education's Election Imperatives 2020, which provides key background for how faculty, administrators and organizations should engage with the election.

SSN is grateful to all of the organizations in the student voting space who work tirelessly to build momentum around civic learning and democratic engagement in higher education.

This resource compilation was a partnership between Scholars Strategy Network and Science Rising.