Faculty Guide to Student Voting in Your Classroom


Set aside time to discuss civic learning and democratic engagement in your classroom. When faculty connect elections and voting directly to policies that intersect with course content, it provides the additional “why” we vote.

Voting Modules

Visit the link above for resources that incorporate nonpartisan voter engagement directly into your curriculum.

Why Vote

Visit the link above for background readings about why student voting matters.

Local Elections

Visit the link above for an educational guide on how non-presidential races and election years have an outsized impact on local issues.


Policy Connection

Visit the link above for an example toolkit that connects academic areas to specific policy issues.

Address Racism

Visit the link above for an anti-racist framework to use when talking about voting.

Voting Rates

Visit the link above to find the student registration and voting rates on your campus.

RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: Vote by Mail Video Series

Check out these three animated videos on voting by mail by Campus Election Engagement ProjectThe goal of these videos is to help students feel confident and safe about their vote, and to help them and their off-campus peers vote whether their campuses are physically open, online only, or in a hybrid model.

Voting Yes, COVID No!

How Do I Vote by Mail?

Voting by Mail: Myths Vs Facts

These videos can be distributed via a campus-wide email, on social media, or shown in sequence in the classroom or an online class session.