Faculty Guide to Student Voting in Your Classroom

Turn Out

In 2018, the average student voting rate doubled, jumping from 19% in 2014 to 40%. Student voting rates in 2020 can and should be even higher. When faculty provide concrete steps around voting and help students make plans to vote, students are more likely to turn out.


Visit the link above for tools students can use to make informed choices on their ballots. 

Healthy Voting

Visit the link above for guidance to help students choose the best voting option for them: by mail, early in person, or in person on Election Day.

The Love Vote

Visit the link above for resources on empowering ineligible students to inspire their peers to vote.

Poll Workers

Visit the link above for a toolkit on recruiting students to work the polls.


ALL IN to Vote is a tool campuses and faculty can use to help students navigate the voting process and: 

     ☑️ Register to vote 

     ☑️Confirm their voter registration status

     ☑️ Determine how and where to vote 

     ☑️ Learn about what is on their ballot

     ☑️ Encourage their friends to vote 

     ☑️ Pledge to vote