Experts Available: Climate Change in Texas

Digital Communications Associate

This week, an unprecedented and deadly blast of cold weather hit the state of Texas. With residents facing rolling power outages and water restrictions, many have been left questioning how infrastructure systems will be prepared for the dangerous effects of climate change. To provide expert analysis on climate policy and the current crisis in Texas, SSN has scholars available to comment. 

Climate Change

University of Utah

Cantwell's research focuses on human security, which includes issues of gender and violence, environmental security, and cyber security. She is available to comment on local climate governance policy, climate risks to national security, environmental ethics issues, and coordination between national and subnational climate actors (both domestically and internationally).

University of Maryland

Fisher focuses on understanding the relationship between environmentalism and democracy - most recently by studying American climate politics, social protest, activism, and environmental stewardship. She is available to comment on the overall climate and energy trajectory of the new administration, as well as US participation in the international climate regime.

North Carolina State University

Robinson's research focuses on the atmospheric fluid dynamics as it relates to variability and change in Earth's climate system. He is available to comment on climate policy and energy policy as it impacts climate.

Loyola University of Chicago

Schusler's research focuses on community participation and stakeholder engagement in environmental management. She is available to comment on intersections between climate policy and any of the following: jobs creation, risk reduction, public health, environmental justice, ecosystem health, climate change mitigation, or climate change adaptation.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Stokes researches public policy and environmental politics, with a focus on environmental and energy policies in the United States and Canada. She is available to comment on energy, climate and environmental politics, climate change, renewable energy, water and chemicals policy.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Mildenberger's research focuses on climate policy inaction in the face of dramatic economic and social costs associated with the climate crisis. He is available to comment on energy policy, climate policy, Congressional legislative debates over environment, and global climate negotiations.