"Faithless Electors" SCOTUS Case Explained by Experts

Today, the Supreme Court ruled against the independence of so-called "faithless electors", arguing that states can punish members of the Electoral College who don't vote for a state's popular vote winner in presidential elections.

Below, find a list of scholars who are available to be contacted for comments and analysis by journalists writing about the Supreme Court decision and its implications.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Expert on the study of democratic institutions and particularly electoral systems, such as the Electoral College. She studies the development of electoral systems historically to see how the mechanics of democracy can impact the substance of democratic politics. 

University of Massachusetts Boston

Expert on poverty politics, campaigning and elections, women and politics, and American public policy. She is a political scientist and regular commentator on all things public policy, diversity, elections, and American politics on Boston’s NPR station WGBH as well as numerous other media outlets.