Scholar Spotlight: Phillip Atiba Goff

This week's Scholar Spotlight is Phillip Atiba Goff, whose organization, the Center for Policing Equity, is now part of the Audacious Project through TED. This new initiative aims to connect and support philanthropic organizations set on changing the world. TED made the announcement earlier this week at TED2019, where Phillip and the rest of the 2019 cohort explained the big idea behind their organizations and how the Audacious Project would help. The Center for Policing Equity collects data on policing practices across the country to support institutional change and reduce the racial disparities in policing. Congratulations on the TED Talk and on the project! Read more in this TED blog post.

Scholar Spotlight

City University of New York

Goff's research focuses on the possibility that contextual explanations play an under-explored role in producing racial inequality. His research examines ways in which environmental factors can produce racially disparate outcomes. By translating this work into the field—particularly the contexts around policing—his research helps change the public narrative about what we call racism.