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Caroline Tervo

Research Coordinator, Department of Government, Harvard University
Chapter Member: Boston SSN

About Caroline

Tervo's research focuses on politics in North Carolina. Overarching themes in her writings include partisan shifts, grassroots organizing, and politically engaged special interest groups.


Local Political Parties as Networks: A Guide to Self-Assessment

  • Lara Putnam
  • Daniel Schlozman
  • Tabatha Abu El-Haj
  • Joseph Anthony
  • Jacob M. Grumbach
  • Adam Seth Levine
  • Caroline Tervo

How to Revitalize America's Local Political Parties

  • Kenneth T. Andrews
  • Hahrie Han
  • Lara Putnam
  • Daniel Schlozman
  • Theda Skocpol
  • Vanessa Williamson
  • Sarah James
  • Caroline Tervo
  • Michael Zoorob