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Catherine Wineinger

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Western Washington University

About Catherine

Wineinger's research explores political representation at the intersection of gender, race, and partisanship. Wineinger's most recent work focuses on Republican women's representation in Congress. Wineinger is currently a Visiting Scholar at the American Political Science Association (APSA) Centennial Center and a 2019-2020 APSA Congressional Fellow. Wineinger earned her PhD in political science at Rutgers University, where she was also a graduate research assistant at the Center for American Women and Politics, before joining Western Washington University as an assistant professor.


"How Can a Black Woman be a Republican? An Intersectional Analysis of Identity Claims in the 2014 Mia Love Campaign" Politics, Groups, and Identitites (2019).

Examines the way Mia Love, the first black Republican woman elected to Congress, discussed her racial and gender identities on the campaign trail. Shows that, contrary to the belief that Republicans do not engage in identity politics, Mia Love constructed her identity in ways that aligned with the raced-gendered norms of her party and district.

"Gendering Republican Party Culture" in The Right Women: Republican Party Activists, Candidates, and Legislators, edited by Malliga Och and Shauna Shames (Praeger/ABC-Clio Press, 2018).

Analyzes the evolution and gendered effects of Republican Party culture since the 1980s. Analyzes congressional floor speeches and interviews with Republican party leaders and congresswomen. Examines if and how GOP culture has changed over time, how it affects women’s representation within the party, and how Republican women are navigating this culture.

"Representation Matters: Women in the U.S. Congress," (with Kelly Dittmar, Kira Sanbonmatsu, Susan J. Carroll, and Debbie Walsh), Center for American Women and Politics, 2017.

Shows how women in the 114th Congress view their impact on the institution.