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Christina Bosch

Candidate to the Ph.D. in Special Education, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Chapter Member: Boston SSN
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Bosch's research focuses on the intersections of various social constructs (race, gender, class, nationality) as they interact with conceptualizations of normalcy and ability in education and special education specifically. Bosch's overarching themes in writings include comparative and international research on inclusive education, universal design for learning, and the school-prison nexus, particularly as it relates to STEM and environmental justice curricula developed with incarcerated youth. Bosch works with the International Collaboratory on Universal Design for Learning (INCLUDE) and is an emerging host on the New Books Network.


In the News

"La Fragilidad De Los Privilegios," Christina Bosch, Edu Global, February 10, 2020.
"El Para Qué De La Violencia Escolar," Christina Bosch, La Tercera, August 22, 2019.


"Pilot Randomized Control Trial: Efficacy of a Group-Based Psychosocial Program for Youth with PTSD in the Brazilian Favelas" Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma (2020).

Discusses how in a pilot randomized control trial, group-based trauma recovery techniques (TRT) show medium effect sizes for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder amongst children in Brazilian favelas who experience violence.