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Dan Treglia

Associate Professor of Practice, University of Pennsylvania
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Treglia's research focuses on addressing homelessness, housing instability, and income insufficiency in the United States. Treglia focuses on connecting research directly to policy and practice, and works with policymakers and practitioners to ensure his work is relevant and actionable. In addition to Treglia's work at Penn, Treglia  hosts the Youtube series Past the Pandemic, is a Senior Research Fellow at United for ALICE, and leads the Social Policy Analytics consulting firm.

In the News

"Texas Outages Shed Light on a Different Kind of Infrastructure: Human," Dan Treglia, Opinion, The Hill, February 25, 2021.
Dan Treglia quoted on transforming social policy … in a meaningful way. by Jeff Taylor, "State Republicans Refuse to Give Essential Workers a $15 Minimum Wage " The Keystone, June 11, 2020.
Dan Treglia quoted on testing has been incredibly limited, and therefore the numbers are based on how many people are symptomatic by Isabella Fertel, "False Perception of COVID-19's Impact on the Homeless " The, May 18, 2020.


"When Crises Converge: Hospital Visits Before and After Shelter Use Among Homeless New Yorkers" (with Eileen L. Johns, Maryanne Schretzman, Jacob Berman, Dennis P. Culhane, David C. Lee, and Kelly M. Doran). Health Affairs 38, no. 9 (2019): 1458–1467.

Finds that newly homeless adults use hospitals at high rates immediately surrounding their shelter stay, supporting the theory that health and housing crises are intrinsically connected.

"Adolescent Homelessness and Associated Features: Prevalence and Risk Across Eight States" (with J. J. Cutuli and Janette E. Herbers ). Springer Link 51 (2020): 48-58.

Estimates of youth homelessness are based on inappropriate methods and, as a result, underestimate homelessness among people 16-24. We use survey data from the YRBS and find homelessness exists at rates significantly higher than reported elsewhere.