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David Hernández

Associate Professor of Latina/o Studies and Critical Race and Political Economy; Faculty Director of Community Engagement; Co-chair of Critical Race and Political Economy, Mount Holyoke College
Chapter Member: Boston SSN

About David

Hernández's research focuses on U.S. immigration enforcement policy and history, in particular, the migrant detention regime. Overarching themes in Hernández's writing include the racialization of enforcement, migrant marginalization, prison and detention privatization, and the federal consolidation of power over noncitizens. Hernández works on local immigration matters in Massachusetts and nationally with groups such as the Detention Watch Network, Freedom for Immigrants, and the National Immigrant Justice Center.

In the News

Opinion: "Climate, Refugees, and the Golden Rule," David Hernández, Daily Hampshire Gazette, January 23, 2024.
Opinion: "Biden Must Look Beyond the Border for Immigration Solutions," David Hernández, The Houston Chronicle, January 23, 2023.
Opinion: "The Hotspots in Hiding: COVID-19 and Immigrant Detention," David Hernández (with Isabel Anadon and John Eason), Medium, May 20, 2020.
Opinion: "American Silencing (or, ¡Ya cállanse!, as Mami Would Say)," David Hernández, Latino Rebels, April 30, 2020.