Debanjan Roychoudhury

Postdoctoral Researcher of Prison Education, New York University

About Debanjan

Roychoudhury's research focuses broadly on policing, neighborhoods, violence, health, and schools. Overarching themes in Roychoudhury's writings include histories of policing in the United States and beyond, spatial dynamics of police contact and educational outcomes, and media representations of victims of police violence. Roychoudhury teaches for the City University of New York and has worked in transit planning, user design consulting and served on academic organization boards

In the News

"Remembering Clifford Glover, the Youngest Person Killed by NYC Police," Debanjan Roychoudhury, Opinion|Commentary|Guest Essays, Newsday, April 28, 2023.


"On Second Sight: Surveillance & The Black Planet: Notes on a New Framework" in The New Black Sociologists, edited by Marcus A. Hunter (Routledge, 2018).

Proposes Second Sight as a theoretical framework for understanding contact between racial minorities and law enforcement. Expands W.E.B. Du Bois' idea of Double Consciousness in order to analyze the impact of policing and surveillance on racial formation in the contemporary moment. 

"Hollywood Diversity Report 2018: Five Years of Progress and Missed Opportunities," University of California, Los Angeles, published annually since 2014.

Shows an annual report of race and gender representation in front of and behind the camera in movies and on television from throughout the year.