James Lockhart

Assistant Professor of History, American University in Dubai
Areas of Expertise:
  • International Development
  • Policies in Other Nations
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • American Democracy

About James

Lockhart’s interests and expertise include the history of the Cold War, the intelligence community, and covert operations, with particular regional expertise in Latin America and the Near East. Lockhart’s research offers historians, policymakers, and the public an alternative way to think about the United States and global affairs, particularly in Latin America and the rest of the developing world. It departs from the US-centered narratives that have tended to condition the production of historical knowledge, policymaking, and public opinion since the 1970s. It recognizes developing nations as sovereign and influential powers in global affairs. Lockhart’s hope is that this will cultivate more dynamic and interactive interpretations of the history of American foreign relations, which will in turn promote mature and productive relationships between the United States and these nations in the twenty-first century.  Lockhart also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Intelligence History.



"Soviet-Southern South American Relations and the Transatlantic Origins of the Cold War," Baltic Defense College, Tartu, Estonia, forthcoming, 2017.

Broadens the discussion on the origins of the Cold War by reconstructing it within a larger, transatlantic space. Southern South American communists and anticommunists were already fighting a conflict approximating the Cold War by the 1940s. Neither the United States nor the Soviet Union imported the Cold War into this region, even though both were drawn into it.

"The Dulles Supremacy: Allen Dulles, the Clandestine Service and PBFORTUNE" in Spy Chiefs Vol. 1: Intelligence Leaders in the United States and Great Britain (Georgetown University Press, forthcoming, 2018).

Shows how Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles exploited bureaucratic conflict in Washington and opportunities in Central America to reimagine the CIA as a covert operations-oriented intelligence service.

"The International Atomic Energy Agency and the Global South: Nuclear Modernization in Chile in the 1960s" (forthcoming).

Situates Chile and Latin America in the era of the Cuban Revolution on the global nuclear map.

In the News

Guest to discuss the limits of Washington's power in Latin America on Johns Hopkins University Global Security Podcast, James Lockhart, August 6, 2014.
"U.S.-Cuban Relations: Lessons from China and the Soviet Bloc," James Lockhart, War on the Rocks, December 31, 2014.
"Is America an Empire?," James Lockhart (with Tyrone Groh), War on the Rocks, August 27, 2015.