Jonathan Meer

Professor of Economics, Texas A&M University
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Meer's research focuses on altruism, education, and the minimum wage. He is a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research.


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Jonathan Meer quoted on effect of minimum wage laws on employment by Dylan Matthews, "The Economic Debate over the Minimum Wage, Explained" Vox, November 20, 2019.
Jonathan Meer quoted on disagreements over minimum wages by Dylan Matthews, "The Economic Debate Over the Minimum Wage, Explained" Vox Media, November 20, 2019.


"Does Fundraising Create New Giving?" Journal of Public Economics 145 (2017): 82-93.

Finds that, while matches increase giving to eligible requests, they do not appear to crowd out giving to similar ones, either contemporaneously or over time.

"Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment Dynamics" (with Jeremy West). Journal of Human Resources (2015).

Argues that minimum wage will impact employment over time, through changes in growth rather than an immediate drop in relative employment levels. Finds that the minimum wage reduces job growth over a period of several years.

"Persistent Effects of Teacher-Student Gender Matches," (with Jaegeum Lim), National Bureau of Economic Research, December 1, 2017.

Finds that having a female math teacher in 7th grade increases the likelihood that female students take higher-level math courses, aspire to a STEM degree, and attend a STEM-focused high school.