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Marina Read Weiss

Postdoctoral Fellow in Implementation Science, Center for Innovation in Mental Health
Chapter Member: New York City SSN
Areas of Expertise:

About Marina

Weiss' research focuses on describing and addressing mental health disparities in trauma-exposed populations, specifically through community-based, participatory research (CBPR) methods and the implementation and mixed-methods evaluation of community-centered interventions such as mental health task-sharing. She uses integrative approaches and specializes in supporting recovery from trauma, particularly the recovery of emerging adults at the intersections of acculturative and traumatic stressors in her clinical work.


In the News

Opinion: "Lessons From Ukraine on Protecting Mental Health During Conflict," Marina Read Weiss (with Kristina Bohdanova and Samantha Weckesser), STAT, September 22, 2023.


"Mental Health, Functional Impairment, and Barriers to Mental Health Access Among Cancer Patients in Vietnam" (with Thinh Toan Vu, Wenhua Lu, Linh Thi-Hoai Nguyen, and Victoria Khanh Ngo). Psychooncology 32, no. 5 (2023): 701-711.

Evaluates the prevalence and severity of depression and anxiety symptoms, barriers to mental health access, and correlations of functional impairment among cancer inpatients in Vietnam. Shows high frequency and severity of depression and anxiety symptoms. Underscores the importance of integrating mental health services into oncological treatment and Increasing mental health literacy to address barriers to mental health.

"The Domestic Violence Initiative: A Private-Public Partnership Providing Psychiatric Care in a Nontraditional Setting," (with Mayumi Okuda Benavides, Elizabeth Fitelson, and Catherine Monk), Psychiatric Services, February 1, 2017.

Shows the feasibility and acceptability of providing these services in nonmedical, community-based settings. Finds a very high-risk patient population with inadequate prior treatment. Highlights the need to improve access to care for IPV survivors, as well as to educate mental health care providers and policymakers about IPV's impact on psychiatric illness and suicide risk.

"Abuse and Neglect of Older Adults: Social and Economic Issues" (with Robert L. Hawkins), in Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion, edited by Thomas P. Gullotta and Martin Blume (Springer, 2014), 1865-1873.

Recognizes this issue as a substantial social problem, it has received little systematic attention from researchers until recently. Reviews what is known about this widespread and understudied phenomenon.