Mario Espinoza-Kulick

PhD Candidate in Sociology and Health Policy Research Scholar, University of California-Santa Barbara
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Espinoza-Kulick’s research focuses on health policy, immigration, race, ethnicity, and social movements. Espinoza-Kulick’s intersectional identity as Queer, Chicanx and Indigenous informs a research agenda that bridges medical sociology with grassroots organizing.  Espinoza-Kulick’s overarching themes in writings include advocacy strategies that transform health policy, promoting equity, and the effects of unequal healthcare access on the well-being of Latinx immigrants. Espinoza-Kulick serves on the Boards for Corazón del Pueblo and Access Support Network. Espinoza-Kulick consults students and local community groups on health services and policy advocacy.

In the News

"Big Promises for Immigrants Will Biden-Harris Reverse the Cycle of Institutional Discrimination?," Mario Espinoza-Kulick, Santa Barbara Independent, February 9, 2021.
Mario Espinoza-Kulick quoted on wanting folks to really understand that we are for impacting the community and health sovereignty, meaning everyone has a right to health care by Laura Place, "Cal Poly Center for Health Research Launches People’s Health Movement in Santa Maria," Santa Maria Times, December 7, 2020.
Mario Espinoza-Kulick quoted , "Protect. Respect. Wear Your Mask." Twitter, July 22, 2020.
Guest to discuss Healthcare and the Latinx Community on Issues and Ideas, KCBX FM Central Coast Public Radio, Mario Espinoza-Kulick, July 17, 2020.
Mario Espinoza-Kulick quoted on this is not a form of protest, [church officials] are participating in white saviorhood and protecting the statue from disfiguration, "For Safekeeping or the Ousting of a Noxious Symbol, Serra Statues Come Down" KCBX FM Central Coast Public Radio, July 1, 2020.
Guest to discuss thanking on behalf of the Cultural and Creative Arts Center of the Santa Maria Valley on YouTube, Mario Espinoza-Kulick, June 9, 2020.
Mario Espinoza-Kulick quoted by Nicole Poletto, "Gaucho Grad Selected for National Leadership Program to Build Health Equity" Grad Post, October 6, 2017.


"Marijuana Policy Project" (with Alex Espinoza-Kulick), in Marijuana in America (ABC-CLIO, LLC, Forthcoming).

Tells the history of the Marijuana Policy Project, focusing on how issues of race and health shaped their formation and ongoing advocacy work.

Ethnic Enclaves (edited with Maura Fennelly, Kevin Beck, and Ernesto Castañeda) (Oxford University Press., Forthcoming).

Provides a comprehensive overview of the existing research on "ethnic enclaves," which has been deployed to understand concentrated areas of residential segregation and minority business ownership.

"Know Your Status: Alleviating Stigma From the HIV Positive Community of San Luis Obispo California," Cal Poly, June, 2015.

Describes the formation of a HIV/AIDS awareness, testing, and prevention program that was piloted at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The findings demonstrate how to create an effective community-based program, and the "Know Your Status" event has been adopted annually

"Community Report: Preliminary Findings," UC Santa Barbara, June 24, 2020.

Describes the crisis of health facing Latinx immigrant communities on California's Central Coast, highlighting major concerns for policymakers and community stakeholders.

"The Care-Advocacy Paradox: How Social Movement Organizers Strategize in Support of People Living With HIV/AIDS," (with Victor Rios), 2018.

Analyzes interviews from the ACT UP Oral History project. Demonstrates how organizers in the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic used creative, confrontational strategies in order to raise awareness and gain resources for people living with HIV/AIDS.