2 Experts Available for Timely Analysis on America Competes Act

Director of Membership Engagement

The Senate is set to vote on the China competition bill today, otherwise known as the America COMPETS Act, teeing up a likely reconciliation process with the House version of the bill. For expert analysis on this bill and its implications for the future of US manufacturing and semiconductor industries, the following researchers are available to provide commentary.


Cleveland State University

Chen's research focuses on supply chain resilience, transparency, and innovations. Overarching themes in Chen’s writings include emergency management, responsible sourcing and supply chain disclosure, as well as competitive innovations through information and operational technology. His experience includes projects in the medical and manufacturing sectors, as well as involvement in implementing supply chain solutions for the world’s largest semiconductor foundry.


Quote: "Instead of playing 'whack-a-mole' reactively to supply chain disruptions, governments should realize that some critical supply chain vulnerabilities have become national security issues that deserve proactive policies."

Princeton University

Mosley's research focuses on the politics of the global economy. She has written extensively on the effects of multinational production and global supply chains on workers rights in developing countries, as well as how trade policies might lead to improvements in labor rights. Mosley was a Fulbright Research Scholar in Berlin in Fall 2017.